Seaford Historical Society

The Seaford Historical Society is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that maintains and operates the Seaford Historical Museum for the benefit of the Long Island community. The Society is comprised of a group of dues-paying members led by a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and a Board of Directors. The Seaford Historical Society is funded by grants, fundraisers, dues, and donations. Click here for information on becoming a member, or to learn about other ways you can help.

Seaford Historical Museum

The building that is home to the Seaford Historical Society originally served as a school when it was built in 1893. It has since been moved twice. It has also been the headquarters of the Seaford Fire Department during its long history. The Museum houses much memorabilia of Seaford as a bay and farming town. On July 4, 1976, in commemoration of the Nation’s Bicentennial, the structure, now located on Waverly Avenue between Jackson and Southard was dedicated as the Seaford Historical Museum.

Our Goals

To Preserve and Restore the Seaford Historical Museum
To Create an Educational and Learning Center
To Involve the Seaford Schools and Students in Learning about our Town’s History, Encouraging them to become Active Participants and Carry on the work of the Seaford Historical Society
To Create a Center where Marine Life and Maritime History, so much a part of Seaford and its past, can be Explored and Learned
To Establish an Important Center that all Residents will consider to be the Heart of this Community